Akita-Yake-yama Volcano - John Seach


Honshu, Japan

39.97 N, 140.77 E
summit elevation 1366 m
complex volcano

Akita-Yake-yama volcano is located in northern Honshu. The volcano contains a 600 m wide summit crater. Tamagawa is a radioactive spa at the western foot of the volcano.

The volcano consists of a 7-km-diameter cone and a small lava dome (Onigajo) contained in the cone's summit crater. Fumaroles and acidic hot springs (pH 2.0)
are widely distributed in the 800-m-diameter summit crater.

Akita Yakeyama volcano has erupted every two or three decades. All eruptions documented over the past 100 years have been small, and many erupted only mud.

1997 Phreatic Eruption
A small phreatic eruption occurred on 16th August 1997 at the flank of a dacite lava dome of Akita Yakeyama volcano. The eruption lasted 70 minutes, and did not include any magma. A group of tourists saw the eruption.

Akita-Yake-yama Volcano Eruptions

1997, 1957, 1951, 1949, 1948, 1929, 1890, 1887, 1867, 1678?, 807?