Akita-Komaga-take Volcano - John Seach


Honshu, Japan

39.75 N, 140.80 E
summit elevation 1637 m

Akita-Komaga-take volcano is located in northern Honshu. The summit contains two calderas which were formed by explosive eruptions between 11,600 and 13,500 years ago. Me-dake and Ko-dake are two cones in the southern caldera.

1970-71 Eruption
Akita-Komagatake volcano began a new eruption on 18th September 1970. The eruption was preceded by an increase in fumarole temperatures, but there were no earthquakes. Strombolian eruptions occurred at Medake up to 500 times per day. A 200 m wide lava flow extended 600 m from the crater. The eruption ended on 25th January 1971.

1932 Phreatic Eruption
A new eruption began at Akita-Komaga-take volcano on 21st July 1932. The eruption began 500 m south of Medake, one of the central cones. The eruptions created 11 explosion pits aligned NE over 600 m. The eruption destroyed vegetation over a distance of 2 km. Damage was small due to the remote location of the eruption.

Akita-Komaga-take Volcano Eruptions

1970-71, 1932, 1902?, 1890-91, 807?