Aguilera Volcano | John Seach



50.17 S, 73.83 W
unknown summit elevation

Aguilera volcano is located in southern Chile, west of Lake Argentina and NE of Peel Fjiord.

Biotite occurs in samples of lavas from Aguilera volcano.

Eruptions of Aguilera volcano
The A1 eruption of Aguilera volcano occurred 3,000±100 years ago, and erupted a volume of 4- 9 cubic km. The eruption produced white tephra which is deposited along the shores of Lago Argentino. Aguilera A1 tephra has not been observed on Tierra del Fuego, but has a very wide distribution north of the Strait of Magellan. Tephra over 10 cm thick deposited at least 80 km east of the volcano, and greater than 5 cm thick 130 km east of the volcano.

Further reading
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Aguilera Volcano Eruptions

3000 years ago