Adagdak Volcano - John Seach


Adak Island, Aleutian Islands, Alaska

51.998 N, 176.592 W
summit elevation 610 m

Adagdak volcano is located at the northern end of Adak Island. Adagdak consists of a small stratovolcano with an andesitic lava dome in the summit crater.

The volcano is a low, rounded dome, which differs from the steep, symmetrical profile which is characteristic of many Aleutian volcanoes.

Adagdak volcano is separated from Mt Moffett by Andrew Bay and Andrew Lagoon. It is separated from the rest of Adak island by Clam Lagoon. Marine erosion has produced cliffs over 760 m high on the north side of Mount Adagdak.

Three major volcanic centers have been identified on Adak Island. These vents are: Andrew Bay Volcano, Mount Moffett and Mount Adagdak.

The last eruptions of Adagdak volcano produced three, small extrusive domes. Adagdak lava ranges in composition from basalts to dacites.

Adagdak Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.