Abu Volcano | John Seach


Honshu, Japan

34.50 N, 131.60 E
summit elevation 641 m
Shield volcanoes

Abu volcano is located in southwest Honshu, Japan, 80 km west of Hiroshima. There are 40 volcanoes located in an area of 400 sq km. There is no large central volcano.

Abu volcano is part of the southwestern Japanese arc, which lies subparallel to the
Nankai trough. On the basis of seismic data, volcanic activity is related to the subduction of the Philippine Sea trctonic Plate.

Eruptive products consist of alkaline basalt and calc-alkaline andesite to dacite lavas and pyroclastics, which are collectively known as the Abu Monogenetic Volcano Group.

Lava domes, lava flows, and pyroclastic cones have volumes of less than 0.5 cubic km. The most recent eruption at the volcano was a central vent explosive eruption at Kasa-yama.

Further Reading
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Abu Volcano Eruptions

1450 BC