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Volcano Live is an educational website providing information on active volcanoes, produced by Dr John Seach. Volcanoes are the most exciting and powerful natural event on earth, and provide dynamic and varied landforms. Every day there are about 20 volcanoes erupting on the earth. Dr Seach monitors global volcanism and provides an educational resource to the international community.

John Seach at Mt Etna Volcano.

stromboli volcano
Stromboli volcano, Italy

Yellowstone volcano, USA

rabaul volcano
Rabaul volcano, Papua New Guinea

Reporoa volcano
Reporoa volcano, New Zealand

yasur volcano
Yasur volcano, Vanuatu

sinabung volcano
Sinabung volcano, Sumatra, Indonesia

Risks in visiting an active volcano
Safety cannot be guaranteed when visiting an active volcano. Eruptions can happen at any time without warning. A decision to climb an erupting volcano should be based on a risk-benefit analysis. To see an eruption is one of the greatest sights in nature, but the challenge must be accepted with common sense and knowledge of the risks. 

Volcanoes of the World
There are more than 1500 active volcanoes in the world. These have erupted in the last 10,000 years, and have a reasonable chance of erupting in the future.
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39 Years of Volcano Adventures

John Seach is a scientist and volcano adventurer. Over the past 39 years John has travelled to the world's most exciting volcanoes, and witnessed eruptions during trips to more than 200 volcanoes.
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John provides unique tours to the world's most active volcanoes.
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John provides the world's leading volcano television production service.

John provides high-quality professional services to the film and television industry, and explores, photographs, and films the world’s most exciting volcanoes.
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