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 Laze (Lava Haze) - John Seach

Laze is a hydrochloric acid mist formed by the action of lava on seawater.
Extreme heat from lava entering the sea rapidly boils and vaporizes seawater, leading to a series of chemical reactions.
The boiling and reactions produce a large white plume, locally known as lava haze or laze, which contains a mixture of hydrochloric acid (HCl) and concentrated seawater.

Key seawater chloride breakdown reactions that produce HCl gas:

MgCl2 (sea salt) + H2O (steam) = MgO (periclase) + 2HCl (HCl gas)
2 NaCl (sea salt) + H2O (steam) = Na2O (sodium oxide) + 2 HCL (HCl gas)
CaCl2 (sea salt) + H2O (steam) = CaO (lime) + 2 HCL (HCl gas)

Laze - Lava Haze
Kilauea Volcano