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Karkar Volcano - John Seach
Madang Province, Papua New Guinea

Year Volcanic Activity
1974 Strombolian eruptions. The first confirmed eruptions since 1895.
1975 Ash emission and lava flows from Bagiai Cone.
1978 Explosions, new incandescent area, strong vapour emission, increasing seismicity.
1979 10-day ash eruption. Two volcanologists killed by explosion. New crater lake. Small explosions through crater lake.
1980 Phreatic explosions followed by shrinking crater lake. New fumarolic vents.
1981 New fumaroles and hot springs.
1989 Vegetation returns after 1979 eruption. Summit deflation continues.
1994 Seismic swarm.
1997 Fumarolic gas kills vegetation.
2007 Increase in thermal activity and gas emission from SE and SW flanks of Bagiai cone. Vegetation killed.


Karkar Volcano
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