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 Duff Islands - John Seach
Temotu Province, Solomon Islands.

The Duff Island are located 150 km NE of Santa Cruz Island in the eastern Solomons.
The islands were home to fearless navigators who sailed great distances in canoes.
The inhabitants speak a Polynesian language and physically resemble Melanesians.
Duff Islands - Elingi, Kaa, Lakao, Loreva, Lua, Tahua, Taumako, Te Ako, Tuleki, and Ulaka.

Taumako Island is the largest in the group and is steep-sided and rises to 400 m above sea level.
Like the other islands in the Duffs it is composed of basaltic lavas and pyroclastics.
There is no evidence of recent volcanism on the islands. The fringing reef is poorly developed.

The islands were settled by the Lapita people about 900 BC. 
This was followed by Melanesian settlement, then Polynesians in mid 1400's.
The islands were named after the missionary ship "Duff" which sailed to the islands in 1797.

The Duff Islanders used red feather money as a bride price, along with the people from Reef islands, and Santa Cruz.

Duff Islands - Solomon Islands
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