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Earthquakes of Antarctica - John Seach

Antarctica is mostly earthquake free.
Only a few earthquakes greater than magnitude 4 have been recorded on the continent.

Possible earthquake in 1952.
Northern Victoria Land.
Greater than magnitude 4.
Earthquake in 1974.
Northern Victoria Land.
Greater than magnitude 4.
This earthquake had characteristics of a tectonic earthquake, but was most likely a result of movements within the ice.
Earthquake November 4, 1982. Magnitude 4.5
81°S, 37°E
East Antarctica, about 1200 km from the coast of Dronning Maud Land.
This is the first earthquake definitely located in the interior of the Antarctic continent.
Earthquake January 12, 1995.
Magnitude 4.7
82.064 S, 49.993 N.
Earthquake March 25, 1998. Magnitude 8.1
Balleny Islands, off the Antarctic coast.
This was caused by post glacial rebound.
Earthquake November 5, 2007.
Magnitude 5.8
67.132°S, 111.555°E
105 km SSE of Casey station in Australian Antarctic Territory.

Causes of Antarctic earthquakes are, post glacial rebound, fracturing of the ice sheet, calving of icebergs from the Ross Ice Shelf, and volcanic activity.
Will global warming and ice cap melting lead to more earthquakes in Antarctica?


Earthquakes of Antarctica
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