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Aegean Volcanic Arc, Greece - John Seach

 The Aegean volcanic Arc is caused by the subduction of the
African tectonic plate under the Eurasian plate.
The table below lists some of the features of the volcanic arc.

Mediterranean ridge
A submarine crustal swell that extends from the Ionian Sea to Cyprus and parallels the Hellenic trench.
Hellenic trench
A series of depressions with depth to about 5km. It parallels the Hellenic arc and includes some linear trenches.
Hellenic arc
The volcanic arc consists of several volcanic islands and includes andesitic active volcanoes (Methana, Santorini, Nisyros) and solfatara fields.
Cretan trough
Located between the sedimentary and the volcanic arc, with a depth of 2000m.
Northern Aegean trough
An interesting feature in the northern agean and has a depth of 1500m.


Aegean Volcanic Arc - Greece
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