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Adventure travel to the most exciting destination on earth!
Custom volcano tours with one of the world's most experienced volcano adventurers.

John's volcano adventures have been used by Discovery Channel, BBC TV,
National Geographic, Japanese TV, Spanish TV, Hollywood, Land Rover and many others...

Photos from John's volcano expeditions

yasur volcano, vanuatu

yasur volcano, vanuatu

Above: Yasur volcano expedition Oct 2022





Short Notice Trips to New Exciting Eruptions

John specialises in reaching global eruptions at short notice. One quarter of all new eruptions finish in a week, so quick travel is essential. John is regularly the first on the scene at new eruptions. Contact John for details about these exciting adventure trips.
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Safety Note: Volcanic activity can change without warning. In the interests of personal safety trip details may change at short notice due to volcanic activity, weather, or request from local authorities. People with asthma and other respiratory diseases should not travel to areas with high gas emissions due to the potentially harmful effects of volcanic gases. Participants travel at their own risk. All reasonable care is taken on tours, but volcanic activity is unpredictable, and no guarantee can be made about safety on an active volcano.

We have never had an accident in 39 years of conducting tours.

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