East Gakkel Ridge Volcanoes - John Seach


Gakkel Ridge, Arctic Ocean

86 N, 85 E (approximately)
summit elevation  - 4000 m
submarine volcano

Twelve new volcanoes discovered at Gakkel Ridge in 2001.

Gakkel Ridge is one of the least explored places on our world. It extends over 1,500 kilometres (930 miles) through the Eurasian Basin of the Arctic Ocean, from north of Greenland to the Laptev Sea off Siberia.  Gakkel Ridge holds a fascination for scientists. It is the deepest and most remote mid-ocean ridge on our planet - a place where the sea floor is being pushed apart by upwellings of magma from inside the Earth. Gakkel Ridge, however, expands very slowly - at less than one centimetre a year.

East Gakkel Ridge Eruptions

Earthqauke swarms were detected at the Western volcano in 1999.