Apo Volcano | John Seach


Davao Province, Mindanao, Philippines

6.987 N, 125.273 E
summit elevation 2954 m

Apo is the highest mountain in the Philippines. The volcano has three peaks. The highest is in the SW and contains a 500 m wide crater.
The summits and crater are covered with stunted vegetation. The volcano is part of the Central Mindanao Arc. Apo is one of the largest volcanic centrs in the Philippines.

Apo volcano is composed mainly of basaltic flows overlain by more recent andesites in its northeastern side.

2019 earthquakes
An earthquake swarm occurred SW of Apo volcano at the end of October 2019. The largest earthquakes were mag 6.6 (33 km southwest) and 6.5 (15 km southwest).

Mt Apo Geothermal Project
A geothermal power plant started operation in March 1997 and a second plant started in 1999. The plants are situated on the NW flank of the volcano.

Fumarolic activity at is present at Apo Volcano on the SE side above 2400 m elevation. A fumarole is found on western slope. The amount of sulphur at the volcano was measured at 500-1000 tons in 1924. Apo volcano is dormant with eruptions possible in the future.

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Apo Volcano Eruptions

Fumarolic activity.