Talakamau Volcano | John Seach



Sumatra, Indonesia

0.07 N, 99.98 E
summit elevation 2912 m
complex volcano

Talakamau volcano is located on the equator. The volcano is situated on the coastal plain 16 km east of Kotoaur, and 12 km north of Kotopadang. Pasaman is a twin volcano located to the SW.

The summit is elongated in NE-SW direction with diameter of 1.5 km x 0.5 km. The most recent volcanic activity created 30 explosion pits with diameters from 15-70 m.

A magnitude 5.1 earthquake hit 15 km SSW of the summit on 26th January 2009.

1937 Eruption
An eruption of Talakamau volcano occurred on 8th September 1937. An eruption column rose 70 m above the rim of the central crater.

Talakamau Volcano Eruptions